Yarrie Lake is situated between the communities of Narrabri and Wee Waa and is used as a recreational area for water skiing and camping.  

Both communities are having events to raise money to put a hot Artesian Bore down to top up the water levels of the Lake during dry times.  So that it can become one of the major tourism attractions for the Narrabri Shire.

Any funds raised will go towards the buying of the water license and the construction of a pool and drilling of a Bore to make this a huge community attraction. 

The benefit of this fundraiser will help all the people who use the facility as well as boost our visitors to our Shire, which in turn will boost the economy of all towns in the Narrabri Shire. 

We we are hoping to raise with the help of other functions in our communities  $60,000 by February 2018. 

Assistance from local council and NSW government will be sort and we will be applying for funding from NSW government crown lands and other grants that become available. 

All communities in the Narrabri Shire will benefit from this initiative.  You may not be able to attend one of the fundraisers in your community, but you can still help by donating here towards this terrific initiative that will benefit all those that live and visit our Shire.

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Just a few of the things we’ve done and steps we have taken to make sure a bore is viable at Yarrie Lake.

People we have talked to:
N.S.W Water
N.S.W Water Hydrogeologist
Santos Geologist
Impact Group ( Artesian Drilling)
Tim Ellis Drilling
Mannon Drilling
Local & State Government

Everyone we spoke to assured us there is a lot of water under Yarrie Lake.
They just couldn’t agree on the depth to drill to.

Steps we need to take
1----5 : IS RAISE MONEY- ANYWHERE FROM $60k TO $100k

6: Get council to support this.
Yarrie Lake is the best tourist attraction in the shire when we have water.

7: State government support(funding)
Grants available include- tourism funding/crown land grant and R.M.S to name a few

Before we start to drill we have to obtain:

  • Concert from DPI/Fisheries etc.

  • We have to obtain a water supply work approval from Crown Lands and Water

  • An access licence water volume permit.

  • Purchase water

We have quotes from drillers $300-$400k for the bore.

At this point we’ve raised $35000.00 in cash and donations.

“Come on join us”

The outcome for the shire can be?

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